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Hotel Royal Dream is ideally situated on NH-20 right at the diversion point to Chamba, Dalhousie and Kangra, Dharamshala and is conviniently located near Main Bus Stand and so is very easily accessible. The Ideal location of Hotel Royal Dream provides an advantage to explore famous tourist places around Nurpur town with relative ease. There are a number of beautiful and worth visiting famous tourist spots near Hotel Royal Dream to explore and mix your inner heart with the beauty and refreshing environment of Nurpur town. Here are some of the finest places near Hotel Royal Dream Nurpur.

Historic BRIJRAJ SWAMI Temple

1 Km. from Hotel Royal DreamThe Brij Raj Swami temple inside the Nurpur fort is a 16th-century historical temple of Lord Krishna and home to a much revered deity of the local population and attracts tourists. It is the only temple in the world, where Lord Krishna and Meera idols are worshipped together. It is said the statue of Lord Krishna was worshipped by Meera, and when Raja of Nurpur went to Chittorgarh he got this statue as a return gift from the Maharana of Chittorgarh. Along with this, Raja also brought a Moulsary (a fruit-bearing plant) sampling and it was dried on way back and it was put to life through Puja and chanting of mantras. This plant has now grown into a huge tree. It flowers, but does not bear any fruit unlike such plants in Rajasthan.visitors can see the whole story of nurpur fort in the form of paintings inside the temple.

Historic Nurpur FORT

1 Km. from Hotel Royal Dream. The Nurpur Fort is the prime attraction of this small town. Originally built before the 10th century, it was the main seat of the Pathania Kings. It was destroyed partially by the British and the great earthquake which hit this region in April 1905 AD. Most of the fortress is in ruins, but it is still worth visiting. the theru wali mata temple is also a good place to see, which is situated on the top of a small hill and about 250 m from the Pathankot / kullu highway. Being going through restoration process, Nurpur Fort now has turned into a major tourist attraction and has become one of the finest tourist places in Himachal Pradesh. There is a huge parking space around Nurpur Fort which makes it easy to park your vehicle and go straight into the fort

Famous NAGNI Mata Temple

6 Km. from Hotel Royal Dream. The Mata Nagani Temple, located about 6 km from Nurpur town on Pathankot / Kullu highway, is also very famous. It is unique because water comes from below the temple where the idol of Nagni Maata is placed. People who get snake bite, come to Naagni Maata and simply drinking water and applying the Mitti, get cured completely. The amount of water which flows there is quite sufficient, and there are number of water mills installed for grinding grain. Also Nurpur is famous for its silk and silk mills . There are various showroom of silk in Nurpur (himachal silk emp.,buttico) where different qualities of silk can be seen.


Shri Divkeshwar

11 Km. from Nurpur in District kangra. Shri Divkeshwar also known as Dibku or Dipku is a very fine tourist spot for a full day excursion along with eatables. The place is blessed by Lord Shiva and has a temple complex and Moderate Caves having ever flowing cold water through them along with Shivalinga and stone Pindies. There is a huge Water Fall dominating the entire caved and temple complex forming a deep 6 to 8 feet water pool to enjoy diving and swimming. The temple complex at Dibku along with an open resting covered building is a fine place to relax even for a whole day.


Trilokpur Shiva CAVE Temple

25 Km. from Nurpur. The natural cave has attractive pillars of limestone on the floor of the cave by the percolation of water from the roof. It is something like stalagmites. The cave is dedicated to Shiva. An ancient story is attached to the place indicating that Lord Shiva meditated here a for long time. There is an ever flowing water stream around this cave temple. The place also acts as a resting place for tourists on a long tour of Himachal Pradesh. There are restaurants located near cave temple serving Indian, Chinese and Continental food. Over Historic Shiva Cave Temple is a famous tourist spot worth a visit.

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